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Youtube introduces ‘Go Live Together’ for Youtubers

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YouTube, the world’s biggest sharing platform, is introducing a new feature option called “Go Live Together,”.

This feature allows two users to live broadcast simultaneously. Its mobile-first collaborative function lets producers with more than 50 subscribers ask another YouTube creator to join the live stream as a guest.

“Grab a friend & start a co-stream. Introducing Go Live Together, a new way to easily start a co-stream & invite a guest, all from your phone! Creators need 50+ subs to host co-streams, but anyone can be a guest!” Youtube Team page tweeted in excitement to the introduction of the new feature.

The feature is currently only available on the YouTube mobile app. Creators can, however, still schedule a co-stream through YouTube desktop. However, the host and the guest must connect to the scheduled stream using a mobile device app.

The Go Live Together functionality was first made available for testing in November via an official YouTube video. However, according to a recent tweet, the capability appears to be widely available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Youtube is working on getting the feature to work on desktop

To begin, creators can invite any other creator who has a channel with no active strikes.

Tap the Create + button and then the Go Live Together option to use the feature. Fill out the stream details as the host, including the title, description, monetization options, thumbnails, and visibility settings.

After that, you can just tap the Done button and send your guest creator the produced invitation link via email or SMS. When the visitor accepts the invitation, the host creators will receive immediate notification.

Following that, both designers can have a preview session to assess the quality of the audio and video settings. When you’re ready, press the Go Live button.

You can examine the metrics for your live broadcast as a host creator within creator Studio, but the guest cannot.

Co-streaming as a guest brings a new wave of viewer traction to your channel. It is relatively simple to join.

To join as a guest, all you have to do is click on the invite link issued by the host, choose the channel you want to join, and go live.

Select Join to meet with the host creator virtually and preview the audio and video quality. Viola! You are now online. During the same live stream, guests can be rotated.

This collaboration tool intends to encourage more collaboration, provide creators with new audiences, and promote channel growth.

The “Go Live Together” function is the platform’s newest technique of monetizing content for artists.

The functionality enables creators to earn money while expanding their following and channel. Because they own the stream, the “Go Live Together” function also allows host developers to benefit from coding streams through advertisements. They may even generate money while broadcasting by selling super items such as paid stickers, conversations, and so on.


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