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Twitter admits security breach on Twitter Circle

Twitter admits security breach on Twitter Circle

Twitter has admitted that a privacy breach allowed anyone to see tweets intended for Twitter Circle.

Twitter informed impacted users in an email that “a security incident occurred earlier this year.”

Furthermore, the company stated that the problem “was immediately identified by our security team and fixed so that these tweets were no longer visible outside of your Circle.”

“Twitter is committed to protecting the privacy of the people who use our service, and we understand the risks that an incident like this can introduce and we deeply regret this happened.” Twitter apologized

Twitter Circle, a service that allows users to limit the audience of specific tweets, was established last year. The functionality allowed users to share tweets with a predefined group of people without allowing the rest of Twitter to view them.

Twitter has been in a state of upheaval since it was purchased by billionaire Elon Musk late last year. Musk’s latest venture has had a bumpy ride, with the company facing lawsuits from former employees, advertisers fleeing the platform, and frequent outages.

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