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Musicians at risk with AI music artists – Universal Music CEO

Musicians at risk with AI music artists - Universal Music CEO


The British CEO of Universal Music, Sir Lucian Grainge, which represents artists such as Taylor Swift, expressed his concerns to the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt earlier this month.

Other business leaders have met with ministers and staff at Downing Street.

UK Music CEO Jamie Njoku-Goodwin stressed the need of the government acting promptly.

He cited regulatory measures revealed in China this month that require AI producers to protect intellectual property, obtain permission to use content, and eliminate anything that violates copyright.

“It would be a strange state of affairs if the UK were to choose a regulatory framework that was less committed to basic property rights than the Chinese Communist Party’s.” the music head remarked.

The industry is concerned that AI may result in massive copyright violations.

Last month, an AI-generated song that sounded like Drake and The Weeknd had over 20 million streams across platforms such as Spotify, TikTok, and Twitter.

Universal has previously warned of “widespread and lasting harm” to artists and has instructed streaming services to prohibit AI creators from stealing music and lyrics from copyrighted songs.

Record companies are advocating for stricter rules to protect musicians’ intellectual property, both in terms of songs fed into AI software and those produced by the technology.

The industry also wants tech behemoths like Spotify and YouTube to be obliged to name any AI-generated music on their services.

The EU’s planned AI legislation is intended to pave the stage for future regulation, and the music business is keeping a careful eye on its progress for clues about how artists’ intellectual property will be treated.

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