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Lyft CEO reveals company’s readiness for self-driving cars

Lyft CEO reveals company's readiness for self-driving cars

The CEO of mobility company, Lyft, David Risher, has stated that even though the company does not want to utilise self-driving cars, however, it is prepared for the technology.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure we’re ready for autonomous when it comes, and I’m telling you — it’s not going to be tomorrow, but you might be surprised that it comes over the next couple of years a little faster than you think,” Risher said Friday on CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

Risher, who took over as CEO last month, told CNBC that the company does not intend to incorporate self-driving cars into its services at this time, but is keeping an eye on the technology for future usage.

Risher’s recent interviews coincide with Lyft’s announcement of new capabilities this week, including the option for passengers to order a ride on landing on a flight.

The feature, which is currently available in Los Angeles and Chicago with plans to expand to other cities, uses the app’s knowledge of a given airport and how long it will take the average traveller to collect their luggage and get outside to send a driver at the optimal time so riders and drivers do not have to wait as long.

However, Risher recently told CNBC that he does not believe Lyft needs to “dethrone a king” and kill Uber in order for his company to prosper, and that the rivalry between the companies benefits consumers.

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