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How to switch your Facebook account to professional mode

How to switch your Facebook account to professional mode

Facebook’s parent company Meta, on Monday, October 31, 2021, announced the global rollout of professional mode.

Facebook has been testing the professional mode feature with a small group of creators since December 2021.

The introduction of the feature is coming at a time when Meta seems to be increasing the amount of money it invests in its community of creator users; by the end of 2022, it expects to have “invested over $1 billion in programmes that give creators new ways to earn money for the content they create on Facebook and Instagram.”

About Facebook’s professional mode

“Your main profile is the profile you create when you sign up for a Facebook account. This profile represents you on Facebook and is where you can share information about yourself with your friends and family.

“When you turn on professional mode, you can build a public presence as a creator and maintain your personal friends and family experience. The professional mode can help you build a public following and grow a global community.

“In professional mode, you have access to a bundle of professional tools, enhanced safety features and, if you’re eligible, monetization products that can help you build your professional presence from your profile,” the social media giant said.


Steps to take to set up professional mode on Facebook

Setting up professional mode is simple.

Follow the simple steps below to switch your Facebook account to professional mode.

1. Click the three dots next to “Edit profile.”

2. Profile setting options will appear. Scroll below “memorialization settings” above “create another profile,” and you’ll see “Turn on professional mode.”

3. Confirm by clicking on “Turn on”

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