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Gorilla launches ChatGPT-powered Superchat to message Einstein, others

Gorilla launches ChatGPT-powered Superchat to message Einstein, others

The company behind the popular iPhone customization app Brass, Gorilla Technologies on Monday launched a new AI chat app called SuperChat.

The AI chat allows iOS users to chat with characters powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT virtually.

The characters are notable historical figures like Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Cleopatra or Alexanded The Great, Aristotle and others.

“We think this app will be a great tool for kids who want to learn more about historical figures by chatting to cool characters like Shakespeare.” Gorilla Technologies CEO, Guglielmo Faglioni said.

The app is structured like a messaging app, which allows users to engage in multiple conversations with different AI chatbots at once.

They’re powered using OpenAI technology- GPT-3.5-turbo.

While some of the characters are available for free with the app download, otheds can be unlocked through a premium subscription.

The app’s cheapest plan is $1.35 per week, and the annual plan is $70.

The weekly subscription seems out of reach, especially if kids are the target market, at an overpriced $6.99 per week. The latter is a price that’s likely designed to capture people who want to toy with the app for a week, then cancel, rather than those who want to commit to a year upfront.

The prices cover the costs of using OpenAI’s APIs and the company notes that Family Sharing is supports.

The company disclosed that it’s working to make the characters’ speaking style to be more like their persona.

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