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Google slashes mapping platform Waze’s workforce

Google slashes mapping platform Waze's workforce

Alphabet on Tuesday said that it is laying off staff at the navigation software Waze as it integrates Google Ads technology with the app’s advertising system.

“In order to create a better, more seamless long-term experience for Waze advertisers, we’ve begun transitioning Waze’s existing advertising system to Google Ads technology. As part of this update, we’ve reduced those roles focused on Waze Ads monetization,” Google said in a statement.

Waze was purchased by Google in 2013 for approximately $1.3 billion. In order to streamline processes, Waze and Google Maps teams will be integrated.

Waze will then become a part of Google’s Google Geo division, which manages a range of real-world mapping products including Google Maps, Google Earth, and Street View.

The number of staff that were laid off was not disclosed.

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