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China issues draft guidelines to tackle online abuse

China issues draft guidelines to tackle online abuse

Authorities said on Friday that China is seeking public feedback on potential rules for punishing online harassment as concern rises over cyberbullying and attacks that have particularly targeted women and children.

In response to the threat that internet abuse poses to social order and individual rights, organisations like the Ministry of Public Security and the Supreme People’s Court collaborated to create the recommendations.

According to the proposed guidelines, cyber aggression includes acts like spreading online rumours, insults, and doxxing, and in some situations, depending on the intensity, authorities will consider such conduct illegal by criminal law.

If victims of cyberbullying decide to submit a complaint, Chinese police should support them as soon as possible, they urged. They stated that the deadline for comments is June 25.

Recent occurrences that have been covered by Chinese media have sparked a public discussion on doxxing, which is the practise of exposing someone’s private information online without that person’s consent, and how such incidents should be handled.

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