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Australia plans tougher laws for AI, deep fakes ban

Australia plans tougher laws for AI, deep fakes ban



By Christian George

Australia is planning tougher laws to control artificial intelligence as well as a potential ban for deep fakes to curb misuse.

On Thursday, Reuters reported that the country also planned a potential ban on realistic-looking but false content.

This came on the premise of the meeting of top AI executives this week as they raised the risk of extinction from AI, urging policymakers to equate it to risks posed by pandemics and nuclear war.

“There is clearly, in the community, a concern about whether or not the technology is getting ahead of itself,” Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic said.

A report by Australia’s National Science and Technology Council released on Thursday showed AI-generated content could be misused in parliamentary consultations by creating a flood of submissions to mislead public opinion.

“Governments have got a clear role to play in recognising the risk and … putting curbs in place,” Husic suggested.

Recall that Australia was among the first countries to regulate AI, unveiling a voluntary ethics framework in 2018.

Similarly, European lawmakers, last month inched closer to regulating AI, potentially the world’s first comprehensive AI law that could form a precedent among advanced economies.

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